Tesla Carbines are 24" Assault 2 S5 AP0 with each hit roll of 6+ counting as 3 attacks. Note that depending on circumstances this could be either a superior or inferior version of the very similar Lvl 1 Zealot tactic Killing Frenzy. At 8" per turn, it's one of the fastest basic units in the game. GSC subfactions are called Cult Creeds. Only Death Guard get a FNP without some sort of janky stratagem, so being able to pump out Mortal Wounds on a to-wound roll of 5+ (or 4+ if the target is obscured) isn't something to ignore. The basic acolyte and the acolyte leader are almost identical to their neophytes' counterparts, but with A2 instead of A3 and less impressive melee weapons. It also lacks any AP, meaning that if you happen to actually hit and wound your target, it is very likely that it'll just shrug off the damage anyways. The lack of AP hurts them quite a lot, and the strength boost of the Flensing Fury and Disruption Fields stratagems is something, but not too much (it's already S4 and it will pretty much always boosted with the Zealot specialism, so why bother another extra strength). If you are fast enough, you will deal so much damage in the psyquic phase that the kroot won't be able to pile up on you. 6231. The two most useless drones are the markerlight drone (with BS 5+, it's pretty much only hitting on 6's due to cover or long range) and grav-inhibitor drones (but only because they are kind of a niche use thing, too much of a unitasker). Countering kroot is rather easy. The Harlequin's Embrace is S+1 AP-3, which is, again, really decent. And on that note, you’ll pretty much never want to keep them in their default loadout – boneswords are a significant improvement over a single set of scything talons, where the AP-2 benefit is much better than re-rolling hit rolls of 1 (especially if you are already getting that benefit from your Hive Fleet Adaptation). Almost all of your heavy/special weapon choices suffer one major drawback that hinders how effective they are compared to other armies. Adeptus Mechanicus is fantastic against kroot. Why? Take something else. Warhammer 40K Kill Team: Tau Empire Tactics and Markerlights Created by Nelso34 Tactic Cards and Markerlights for the Tau Empire faction in Warhammer 40K Kill Team. That is really good, though not as useful as you may think. One last thing to remember, is that in objective based games (especially arena matches) elite teams will be at a severe disadvantage against tyranids, for the simple reason that they can tarpit you for 4 turns without even breaking a sweat. Bigger than Hormagaunts but smaller than Lictors, Genestealers combine some solid speed (8″) with 3 attacks base, the ability to re-roll charges, and a nasty habit of popping off the occasional AP-4 hit. Unlike most armies, their general 4++ means that plasma spam and more specialized weaponry is pointless. You want a reasonable balance between infantry quality and quantity. The metamorph whip allows you to get an extra fight turn if it's killed before actually attacking, but you shouldn't rely on the enemy killing you to do stuff. Hormagaunts are generally superior to termagants as they are far better at punching then termagants are at shooting, however a hormagaunt sitting on an objective does nothing else while a termagant can still take pot shots so having at least some termagants on the roster is nice. With the player as the single unit for leader, specialism and regulars, the clowns will be pretty much bracketed into one single playstyle and that's it. Let's do a quick calculation, shall we? Having a fourth Warrior is optional (if you aren't already fully into Nids no need to buy another box for one model) so at this point you should just start filling you lists with gaunts depending on what you want. Strong from afar AND up close, this thing is the answer for taking down most enemy heavies. This is a show all about Kill Team and all the exciting things we get to experience as we explore what the game has to offer. Don't let them do that. But the Errata provides the final definitive version...until another version comes along. And they will, focusing on it every time they can, both in melee and at range. Whatever in takes, that basically doubles the risk of death by 2. Fast moving melee units like Sicarians, Wyches, Harlequins, Reivers, Genestealers and especially Lictors will wreck your shit if you don't make. Finally, if you're playing a campaign consider replacing one of the Immortals with a Scout Deathmark. Once you get into combat with a lictor or genestealer, you're there essentially until one of you dies and Nids do melee better than almost anyone else. The Gauss Blaster is 24" Rapid Fire 1 S5 AP-2, which is good, but nothing spectacular. He’s also the Tyranids’ only PSYKER option and can take the Strategist specialism, making him an extremely attractive Commander option. Imperial Guard can match the kroot in numbers and firepower, while also having much better choices overall. Want 6 Immortals? If you want to deal with units that are close to each other to boost one another, this is your mode. With a warp charge of 7, you cans elect an enemy unit within 12" of the Shadowseer. Also, keep in mind the Flayed One will be the most fragile unit in your team, on the basis that it always goes into melee, so no chance of avoiding its death on a 4 flesh wound roll. Combat Warrior equipped same as comms (or additional boneswords if you want that extra attack though being able to shoot is a better option), Termagants for shooting(your choice of devourer or fleshborer depending on your points), Hormagaunts for combat(with adrenal glands if you want the extra speed, although I would only do this with spare points that can't fit another hormagaunt). Dire Avengers and Guardian Defenders love the free re-roll support on their main weapons in particular. While Deathwatch and Grey Knight models have the ADEPTUS ASTARTES keyword their faction keywords are DEATHWATCH and GREY KNIGHTS respectively. The Harlequin's Blade is the standard and the one you get for free. That means it can shrug of wounds a little better and can drop in and out of Reserves, a fitting skillset. Eliminate their cover advantage. Even when going up against enemy Commanders, its Attacks and weapons aren’t going to be enough to take out heavier targets in a single charge, leaving you with a T4 model that only has a 5+ save. The best way to use it is to keep the rending claw and metamorph talon, which are free and can wield both at once, and save points for the hand flamer, which at least is a D3 automatic hit. Basically, keeping enough pressure against the mooks to get them into general shock fast is a viable strategy. You need to maximize your collective overwatch. A good harlequin player will divide and conquer the enemy with their units. Out of the three of them, the Harlequins have the most direct and straightforward game style. High unit count will have access to enough dakka to take them unit by unit, while lower units teams will be tanky enough to deal with it. There are a few special rules that are specific to the Tyranids and affect how they play. So if you're a melee faction with a trash unit that can take the first couple rounds of fire then I suggest sending those in first to try and bait the shots out. Except now it costs no CP, is Sequence Breaking, and is much more likely to affect high Ld models without sacrificing much against low Ld models. If you’re playing at 100 points, then four Lictors is your entire list. A great choice for fluffy Aspect Warrior focused lists where individual leadership matters so much more. Picking an enemy unit and making it shoot against their own team if fantastic. To be fair, hiding your leader in the back is a normal strategy, but when the backbone of your army is as weak as that, you will have trouble the moment the oponent has something akin to high toughness, invuilnerable saves, long range weaponry... every army can reliably take them down. Assuming they don't have the zealot specialism: With that out of the way, let's go to the pistols. Most of their spam weapons, the radium carbine in particular, will be rather pointless due to their short range. SotA will do what they always do, charge head on in battle. However, there are models like Incubus or Mandrakes that don't have a subfaction keyword. The Neuro Disruptor is S4 AP-3 D3 damage for 2 points. Stealth suits are big and scary and hard to hit, so consider making one of them your leader so that you can actually do something with him instead of hiding him to farm command points. Not just boost your tau team? A maximum of 24" for a sniper is ridiculously short, considering there are guns that outclass it for quite a lot of difference. High count teams will try to bait you leaving one particular unit in the open for you to charge, while the rest waits to either survive or for you to forget to consolidate. A full team of burnas and bois might be enough to counter them at middle-low range. Just like the Death Guard, advance without fear and they won't be able to push you back (unless you suck with the dice rolls). After six shots of Flesh Hooks, if they’re still alive then your Lictor enters the Fight Phase where it’s even more lethal. Either you go for maximizing the amount of shots you can do for each unit, or you go for mortal wounds. Plus, a Galvanic Rifle against particularly annoying units might be useful, considering it outranges the necroms by a lot. The problem will be the negavolt's multiple attacks. Overall, the genestealer cult is a melee team, with a decent amount of unorthodox weaponry, and with the chance of getting IG guard numbers if you don't overload your dudes. Orks have to move fast and hide behind their cover or their gretchins. Tau will just stay in their base and sit there shooting the cult wondering how did they miss that. And that's it. Plasma is good too, considering it's Assault 2. You want to make a kroot army? Tyranids are mostly a melee combat force, but they do have some ranged weapon options. Since you're getting your Kill Team genestealers from the Tyranids list, they get access to wargear options that they wouldn't have in 40k. I would ignore the ones that boost the psyker's melee capabilities unless it's already in combat. Tyranids are monsters in melee, but are usually pretty fragile (the 5+ saves might have clue'd you in) so if you can survive their charge (spoiler, unlikely) or hit them reliably in overwatch, you can get shit done. Don't forget it, but also don't expect wonders. If you're dealing with Tyranids, you're probably dealing with some form of hormagaunt/termaguant spam with a couple warriors or other big bugs mixed in. No wargear options whatsoever. Rail Rifles or other "delete button" units). TACTICS. Take advantage of that. This means finding sight-lines and getting within 15" in order to double tap you enemies. Tau can just sit on their base and shoot them from there. ...and the enemy lacks a gun, you'll shoot them the next phase, ...and the enemy has a gun, they might ready themselves, so you better. Needless to say, the acolyte gunners are vital for your team. They also lack Battle Focus, making them rather inaccurate if they must advance to get in range. Still able to drown low model count armies in CC attacks. If you choose to play with the Ambull, each round theres an ever increasing chance it might turn up. Do you fantasize about devouring whole worlds? Aura Tactics are ‘passive’ abilities (i.e. Situational, but also arguably the best perk for more general lists. What your kroot have is all they get. Great to deal with units with 2-3 wounds, but don't expect killing commanders with this, sooner or later you'll botch the rolls. Additionally, the benefits of markerlights can be replicated by many faction tactics, specialisms and commander aura effects. Admech can choose the rangers for the Galvanic Rifle, though they should really go for plasma spam here. Chaos Space Marines can match pound by pound the kroot's numbers through the cultists. REANIMATION PROTOCOLS, SON!! If you didn't kill that pesky enemy before, you surely can do it now. The best shooting team in the game will struggle against the best CQC team, on the basis that their invulnerable saves and their fast movement eliminates the biggest advantages the Tau have: range and firepower. So only use the recon drone's Savior Protocols to tank that one really devastating hit. So plasmas, hotshot volleys and grenade launchers should reach it and hurt it. Pretty brittle. Formations of units are probably your biggest thing to consider when playing T'au, because postioning for extra shots in overwatch and extra wounds from drones is really important to try and stay alive in the fight phase. Note that Tyrant Guard aren’t SYNAPSE creatures; in fact they have Instinctive Behaviour and will want a little support from Tyranid Warriors or a Commander to ensure they’re not forced to charge the closest model. If you have any penalties to hit but no bonuses, then the Zealot tactic will never proc. Something similar could happen with the Sicarians, especially the Ruststalker. The Flayed Ones assault anything that comes too close and shred it to pieces, thanks to that +1 to Strength and Attacks. Starting off at a cheap 4 points each, they can be upgraded with two different options of 1 point wargear: Adrenal Glands and/or Toxin Sacs. If you start losing units, the enemy might get you through morale, so be wary of that. These are the backbone of any team (that isn’t all Lictors of course, haha). KT has a mechanic similar to 40K, where players earn a resource called Command Points (CP for short) which are then spent on bonus abilities. It's a slim chance, but as, Tau are just as squishy in melee here as they are in 40k, and on a small battlefield that's an even bigger problem for them than usual. The standard unit is pretty weak, with their poor save, but make up for it by being cheap and still being able to wound most all things on a 3+ due to their S5 guns. It was Kill-team Brontos that first codified Malleus tactics. If you plan on taking stealth suits for any reason the burst cannon is probably the way to go for most match ups, but going up against factions with good saves necessitates the AP of the fusion cannon. This means a necron could suddenly be at full strength at the end of the match, when the enemy's remaining units are wounded or out of commission, giving you a massive advantage. Get a Vanguard Alpha, charge with it first, and once they are locked, send the Infiltrator, the -1 penalty to toughness will be appreciated. Of course, regular Dire Avengers can take advantage of this as well, it's just literally half as useful comparatively. ( Can be useful on a demolitions specialist in Arena. Also, the Sicarians are great to deal with the Flayed ones, especially the Infiltrator power sword variety. Genestealers are MUCH better against MEQs considering their AP-3 option the Flayed One desperately wants. However, they are not invincible, and their low toughness, saves and invulnerable saves means that they will fall fast against heavy armoured units. Your Heavy Weapon Platform on the other hand cannot become a specialist or part of a fireteam at all and also require a Guardian Defender babysitter to do anything. 3pts left, you can add a nice power sword to your leader,or blast pistol,you choose. The obvious use for this, by the name, is to get in an extra sucker punch with a fusion pistol against a hardy or dangerous target and it is devastating doing that. No in-game incentive to fight it unless its happens to be near you. Be careful, however, as this weapon is 6" compared to the other pistols' 12". The Hive Fleet Adaptations are all pretty good, though most focus on melee combat. It would have to be only wyches). The SotA have great melee and synergy between units, the Rogue Traders have a lot of units to choose from, the Gellerpox Infected have Disgustingly Resilient, the kroot have... good stratagems. The shootiest options in the Tyranids’ arsenal, Hive Guard are a great mix of both tough (T5, 4+ save, 3W) and armed with big guns – Impaler Cannons are 36″ Heavy 2, S8, AP-2 D3 Damage guns that can fire at targets that aren’t visible (though they only hit on a 6 if they do). Now only triggering on a 5+, it allows you to take a full-distance move with that model before the game starts. Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team is an exciting, fast-paced skirmish game set in the 41st Millennium, pitting 2-4 players against each other in close-ranged firefights and brutal melees. But unlike them, the Kroot's options for units and gear are subpar. 0. Kill-Team is a much smaller scope version of the game in which players control small teams of specialists rather than entire armies, and it features gameplay more reminiscent of Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics due to the manner in which individual units are controlled. The krootox is not particularly tough defensively, so a zealot infiltrator will wipe it out when charging. Skyfire might be worth thinking about, if you're going to follow the actual rules for kill team instead of the stupid and contradictory FAQ. The demolition charges are a really powerful grenade. The ability Bestial Vigour means that all damage taken in one attack is reduced by one, meaning that, if someone wants to one-shot it, they'll have to deal damage of 3+ on a single attack. The SM and AM's Sniper Rifle, the AdMech's Arquebus... Hell, you'll have the same range of many plasma users, and the sniper stratagem is considerably more useful on them than on you. It's miststave is good, I suppose, but you usually want the psyker out of melee, just in case the enemy can punch you back. So, with all that taken into account, each shot will have 48/216 chances of hitting, or around 2/9 chances of wounding. Melee is your home. While they can't do as much damage as the fuck of drill and fuck off cutter, they are still tough as nails units. They are slightly better than guardsmen in melee, with WS3+ and S4 (3+1) kroot rifles, but you have to reach melee first. I just want to play Kill Team without flipping open the Core Manual every 5 seconds. All of the harlequin's pistols are Pistol 1, so a single attack each. The melee-focused Elites choice for Tyranids, the Tyrant Guard combine solid movement (7″) with a pretty beefy body – S5, T5, 3 wounds – and the best armor save in the Tyranids’ faction (3+). 2 Players with Fusion Pistol and Harlequin's Embrace The Heavy Weapon Platform and Ranger Long Rifles offset this a little, though your standard Shuriken guns have an effective half-range of only 6". Genestealers, and Raveners, while fast as fuck and relatively hurty, are quite squishy and expensive. Notably doesn't have any restriction on when you can use this ability, meaning its one of the few ways to prevent tarpits, waste an enemy's charge, escape Nid's Kraken ability, or using your opponents own move to let a more valuable target move into range. For the next kit I would get either the burna boyz box, or the special kill team one that comes with the burna boyz and some terrain and special cards https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Kill-Team-Krogskulls-Boyz-2018-eng

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